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business advice - the gift that keeps giving.. 

here's another eco-friendly gift that keeps giving:

Dear entrepreneur's,

Let me tell you a little story about Chase Bank and Quickbooks. If I put this on social media I would get flagged and then shadow-banned. It has already happened. So the full story is here for you to educate yourselves about being an entrepreneur and the corporate companies we use and trust with our business.

Love you guys! 

Stay informed. 

I'll keep updating this page with new content.

❤️, Lisa 


These companies pay big money in donations for tax write-offs to support suppressing women and their rights in this country. They also do big donations that keep the LGBTQIA+ and the BIPOC communities down. Being a more conscious consumer is a super wise choice if we really want to impact this country with change with equality. Stop feeding the beast, essentially.  

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