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Lisa D'Amato Pole_itics


As an average quarantined mom, Lisa is like the rest of us in the USA and worldwide-Sitting at home! She found that while taking care of her dad whom has M.S. and diabetes, and homeschooling her two boys Daxel,7 and Venice, 4, managing her 2 businesses with her sons father and handling his health issues also, she decided to take up pole fitness. As a ex- gymnast and dancer, she thought it would be a great mommy workout to get in shape since she couldn't go to the gym anymore. She was craving some "me" time. One afternoon while screaming at the TV, as usual, witnessing over the course of quarantine, the lack of humanity with the politicizing of wearing a mask during cover 19,  Lisa decided to make pole dancing videos while amplifying researched political pundits from the pole along with scientific facts backing Global Warming, women's rights, and social justice.. Her @Pole_itics videos on her IG @Lisa_damato have gone viral with over 2 million views+ in just a few months premiering on @theprogressivists IG which gets roughly 200 million impressions a month. She has started to upload them on her youtube channel where you can check them out here.Politically, she has moved on to give this platform to other aspiring political pole-dancers that got inspired. You can watch their videos on @pole_itics on IG.

LA Puchinetta doing 


Pole_itics 2 million + views being shared on other social media platofrms

IMG_3291 2.jpg

Laaaa- puchi-netta is..

lisa's ultra ego that helped her gain inner strength and power to be her own hero. She constantly encouraged her to fight back and stay true to herself against all odds. La Puchinetta is Lisa's hero. La Puchinetta is Lisa D'AMato. Anyway she is back and smarter and stronger than ever. she is in full force to get what all of us deserve: Truth and happiness.
with her new passion in pole and politics she is set to help save our planet & women's rights along with social justice. It's all connected anyway. She wants to lead a path of wisdom to encourage others so everyone can have the opportunity to make better choices for ourselves and vote for their interests- not against them.

The original point of POLE_itics was to engage with 'bait in switch tactics' to get the attention of CIS white men in this country that are obviously under-educated about real policy in this country and what it looks like and actually means. If we can "hook' them with pole dancing we can then hypnotize them into learning a few new things and ultimately create a more educated. empathetic, and equal opportunity country with less divide in the end.
She knows her facts, Multiple things can be true at the same time. she doesn't shy away from conflict she runs into fires. she'll get mad and even get you mad.. regardless it's entertaining and educational. 
It is genius actually. Everyone learns a little bit more each and every pole_itics video.

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