August 1, 2017

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August 6, 2017

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Never half ass anything. Always use your full ass.

October 4, 2017

[video disclaimer: Plz fast forward through it and skip around. It's definitely not my best editing job. Also, don't forget to check out the #Imhumpingtheair move. It helps lift your but back up and it works like a gem! Looks silly but works wonders] 




The stress lately is unreal. Even when I put myself in a private room to get work done [emails, texts, research] I am constantly getting interrupted. Lol. I'm sure so many moms/ parents out there feel the same. My husband will literally walk in the room and ask me where his box of cereal is, even though he KNOWS I'm in here trying to get some work done. So I response "Did you happen to use your hands AND eyes when looking? Maybe move a few things around? or did you just open the cupboard with your eyes for one second?" Lol Of course he gives me the sarcastic look back and closes the door. Like always I'm right. His box of cereal was right behind another box. 

I'm sitting here writing this blog, trying to write this blog; still stinky from the gym, hungry, answering about 5 different phone calls which all need immediate attention and research like: Tax ID #'s, or transferring a pic into jpeg form, or wondering why I thought our business attorney is charging us sooo much [0.0] OMG! Long story short, I couldn't be happier that even through my stressful multitasking day I had my 2 hours of sanity which is working out. 

I know what you're thinking...


I always get asked what workouts I do but I never post them because I feel like it makes me look silly the majority of the time. Like..Yeah man! I make gains at the gym! [que kissing my arm muscles] Like if I wanna show off which isn't the case at all. The truth is, I would literally not be a sane person at all if I didn't get to get my time in with 1. my favorite music blaring in my ear. [Yes one is my main reason I love to workout] I get lost in my music. 2. I get to reflect on my week, my year, yesterday, today, my goals, my dreams, my everything. That everything is "ME". It is not "WE". That might sound selfish but it really isn't. If I'm my best and feel WOKE if you will, disciplined, confident, goal-oriented, energized, FIT, and as Taylor Swift put it best had your "Shake it Off" time you feel better and everyone benefits. 



I made a dumb little video to show workouts you can do on the floor at your house. Instead of weights, you can use a bag of flour, whatever. we all know we don't have time but we can MAKE time, right? even if it's 10 min. Being motivated makes one feel strong and powerful. All of us moms feel defeated a lot of the time and I want you to feel really good about yourself. 

SO goes.


Music in headphones + workouts = happy moms and happy families. 

Energy spawns energy!

Just a little Wednesday Inspiration



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