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Lisa D'Amato, America's Next Top Model All-Star WINNER, Tv Personality, Forbes Eco- Inventor of Dare-U-Go! and mother of two boys.


She was born and raised in Thousand Oaks & Los Angeles, CA. Lisa has been modeling and acting since the early age of 12. She has starred in commercials for GAP, H&M, and Coca-Cola before America's Next Top Model Cycle 5. During her cycle she was coined the phrase "Wild Child" where her image was fun but got distorted drastically. It has repeated consistently to this day even 15 yrs later all over American Television and internationally-being syndicated in over 180 countries. Like many of the other selected 336 contestants nationally & countless others from licensed International seasons across the globe that competed a Next Top Model, Franchise series Lisa has a similar story of many of the girls that were mentally manipulated by their childhood trauma during filming. Despite the consistent echo chamber of slander to her character and to say it  jeopardized her public image drastically would an understatement. Lisa still managed to take full advantage of the reality TV therapy shows like Celeb Rehab with Dr. Drew where she admits she went on the show for much needed therapy. She knew she needed therapy from childhood trauma AND for possible drug addiction prevention.

From there it went down hill with even more vicious headlines due to the stigma of "therapy" and "drug addiction" and "rehab" associated with her name in the press. She was never detoxing for anything.

Fact, case and point. 



Switching gears is something Lisa is a pro at., Lisa focused on her music. She went on to record 3 albums and tour the USA with her album "LA Puchinetta''. With Club's Top 20 Hit list "Trainwreck", and "Ace of Spades". The "Can't Touch It" electro- rap singer landed her song on the opening of the hit show "Entourage". Shortly after, ANTM came knocking at her door to compete in America's Next Top Model All-Stars.  She later won a "very controversial" finale against finalist Angelea Preston.  

Lisa and her former husband Adam landed on We Network's "Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars" and soon after that Bravo's "Interior Therapy" with Jeff Lewis. Lisa and Adam have two beautiful boys Daxel, 10 and Venice, 7.

She has last been seen on NBC's Shark Tank as the inventor and Ceo of Dare-U-Go!, Lisa landed a deal with Barbara Corcoran.


Dare-U-Go! is a 5-in-1 solution to help parents feed their kids! It's a food grade silicone bib, food catcher, air-tight seal food storage unit, divider bowl, and comes with a spork that slides through the back. It's eco-friendly, kids love it and you'll love it even more when applied to your life. Super helpful. That's probably why it's in 21 countries in a little less than 3 years. 

As of 2022, you can find Lisa on new reality shows, making content on her tiktok @lisa_damato and making racy pole videos from the comfort of her home when her and her husband have alone time. She has never looked better or felt better and ready to take on the world even harder than her previous victories. She is a spit fire! From day one when she walked into our lives from America's Next Top Model she said "nothing is going to stop me". 15 yrs later NOTHING HAS. 


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